Why is Social Media Marketing an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

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March 11, 2022

byAnkit Vora

According to DataReportal, more than 4.62 billion people are active social media users, a staggering 10.1% rise from last year. That’s 58.4% of the global population actively using social media platforms regularly. You’ll be shocked to know that people are spending 2 hours 27 minutes, on average, every single day scrolling their social media feeds or interacting with their friends and family members across different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Your prospects and customers are already hanging out on these platforms. This means – it’s a no-brainer to establish a rock-solid presence across different platforms, which will not only help you engage with your audience but also position your brand as an industry leader.

And while social media marketing has helped thousands, if not millions, of brands engage with their audience, did you know that it’s directly or indirectly a critical part of your inbound marketing efforts? That’s right.

Whether you’re looking forward to improving your website’s organic rankings or want to position your brand as credible and authoritative, strategic social media marketing can help you level up your inbound marketing efforts.

And that’s what we’ll be discussing in this blog post. 

To help you better understand why social media marketing is an important part of inbound marketing, we’ll be focusing on the three BIG ‘Whys.’

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the realm of both social media and inbound marketing

3 BIG Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is an Important Part of Inbound Marketing

Following are the three big reasons why social media marketing is an important part of inbound marketing that we’ll discuss throughout this blog post:

  1. It aids in your SEO efforts
  2. It helps position your brand as a credible, authoritative & and industry leader
  3. It can help generate content ideas 

Aids Your SEO Efforts

The relationship between SEO & social media is quite complicated. While Google and other search engines have been the primary source of traffic for most websites, building your social media presence can help you fuel your marketing funnel as well.

While Google has revealed that social media isn’t a direct ranking factor, we believe that there’s a correlation between rankings and social shares. 

For instance, social media marketing will help you attract traffic towards your website or content pieces. This will lead to increased visibility. And as people start hopping onto your website and find out your content pieces or website to be a good source of information, they may even link back to your site. And as we all know, backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors Google takes into consideration. 

At the same time,  as you start attracting more traffic towards your website via your social media marketing efforts, you’ll see them engaging with your content, exploring your website, and spending more time. And the thing is – Google also takes on-page time and on-site time into consideration to determine organic rankings. 

Similarly, posting on your social media channels can help you get your pages indexed at a faster pace. 

Honestly, we believe that social media aids SEO in numerous ways – some that we may never truly know! The possibilities are endless.

Helps Position Your Brand as a Credible, Authoritative & Industry Leader

Here’s what the general concept of inbound marketing for HubSpot looks like:

Hubspot inbound marketing cycle

Now, rather than putting your brand in front of your customers, here you’re attracting your prospects and customers towards your business. It’s a pull approach and not a push-based one. You’re letting your customers come to you instead of pushing irrelevant information at them.

And in today’s crowded market, if you want to build a well-established brand that your audience can fall in love with, inbound marketing is the way to go.

Social media marketing activities like publishing high-quality and value-adding content pieces on social media, engaging with your prospects and customers, and more will help you build an emotional connection with your audience. And when you finally redirect them to your website – they’ll be far more nurtured than the ones that hop onto your website from search engines.

At the same time, being consistent across social media platforms in terms of visual elements can help you increase brand awareness, catch your audience’s attention, position your brand as a thought leader, and more. 

Strategic social media campaigns that hold the potential to go viral can help you generate buzz. And when your audience starts discussing, sharing as well as recommending your brand and its product and services, you’ll be indirectly building brand authority and increasing brand awareness. 

Can Help Generate Content Ideas

You can always use tools like Ahrefs or AnswerThePublic to generate content ideas for your next blog post or lead magnet. Unless you have a dedicated system, resources, and process in place, you’ll never be able to cover the hottest topics that people are talking about at any given point in time!

As a marketing agency, we can always cover topics like: 

  • 5 Reasons You Should Invest in SEO
  • 3 Reasons You Should Invest Your Top Dollars in PPC

And while we do cover these topics, we also focus on covering the hottest trending topics like:

People are talking about these topics. People are asking questions – they want the answers. And that’s what we are doing. 

By hopping onto social media platforms, you can find content ideas related to the hottest trending topics that people in your industry are talking about. That’s the only way you’ll be able to build content pieces that help you deliver value to your audience and put yourself in front of them at the right time.


And these are just three of the BIG reasons why social media marketing is a critical part of inbound marketing. The possibilities of social media marketing helping you ace your overall marketing efforts are endless.

As we already know, marketing is all about testing, measuring, and optimizing. With constant changes to the search engine and social media algorithms, we can never really be sure about how social media marketing can help you level up your inbound marketing efforts. But we can always review past campaign results, conduct thorough competitor analysis, and do our research to gain more insights.

At redfox visual, we’ve been doing it for years. And we’ve helped hundreds of Boise-based businesses achieve the best possible results, all thanks to our team of experts, dedicated systems and processes, and deep expertise. We would love to do the same for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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