5 Web Design Tools Professional Designers are Using in 2021

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April 23, 2021

byAnkit Vora

“The designer doesn’t begin with some preconceived idea. Instead, the idea is the result of careful and thorough study and observation, and design a product of that idea.”
– Paul Rand

The digital era is booming.

More than 1.8 billion businesses have taken their businesses online to adapt to the changing audience behavior and preferences.

While most businesses have realized the need to run result-oriented digital marketing campaigns, most of them struggle with making a great first impression and establishing a strong online presence.

The reason – most businesses allocate little-to-no budget towards website design.

All they need is a mediocre functioning website with an extremely poor design that’s been placed on the World Wide Web just for the sake of it.

But, trust me, if you want to attract more customers, create a great first impression, deliver a truly memorable experience and convert as many of your website visitors into paying customers, your website needs to be both excellently designed and highly functioning.

“Design is a perfect balance between
form and function. It takes both.”

Now, you can make the smart move and take the first step by using one of the five web design tools to create a professionally designed, fully functioning website for your business.

This blog post lists out five such tools you can equip in your arsenal to level up your website design.

Let’s have a look.

5 Tools Professional Website Designers Use in 2021


Boise Web Designer Designing a client web layout


Here’s the list:

Let’s look at each of them one-by-one.

Adobe Dreamweaver


First on our list is one of the most popular and well-recognized commercial web design software – Adobe Dreamweaver.

This tool is packed with a suite of tools plus options, including a built-in FTP-client, syntax highlighting, code hinting, project management, and Live View, which will allow you to preview your source code.

You can easily integrate this tool with numerous other Adobe software, including Photoshop, making it really easy to share Smart Objects for easy and quick editing and updating of graphic components.

Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, either you can use a template or start from scratch. You can also custom-build numerous HTML assets like E-Commerce sites, emails, blogs, portfolios, etc.

Adobe Photoshop


Another one of the mind-blowing Adobe software you can use to create high-quality, top-notch web graphics and manipulate images, introducing “Adobe Photoshop,” a design software loved by millions of people worldwide.

This tool is packed with all the necessary features like layers, selection tool, pen tool, shapes, retouching tool, Smart Objects, etc.

From designing high-quality concept art to manipulating images, Adobe Photoshop claims its position as the “King of the Design World.”



Elementor is one of the most beloved tools used by hundreds of thousands of WordPress web designers to create highly converting landing pages, customizing E-Commerce stores, designing blogs, and much more.

This tool is packed with more than 80 design elements plus various other dedicated tools for higher traffic generation and a boost in conversion rates.

Elementor allows web designers to customize every part of their WordPress websites using its built-in Theme builder. Some of its key features include a custom color picker, numerous shape dividers, drag, and drop feature, background gradient, CSS filters, and many more.

There’s more.

This tool offers pixel-perfect design, allowing WordPress designers to produce 100% clean code, which in turn allows them to take their design vision to the next level and create a stunning website.

Google Web Designer


With Google Web Designer, you can create interactive HTML 5-ads, animations, and designs. This tool has made the creation of engaging and interactive HTML5 -based designs a lot easier.

The best part – this tool allows you to run and display your graphics across different devices, from smartphones to laptops.

It also allows web designers to edit CSS, HTML, and JavaScript directly.

From 3D images to static cue cards, this tool has revitalized the web design industry, as it’s one of the most popular go-to tools for designers from around the globe.

Adobe XD


Adobe XD is another one of Adobe’s long-list of products that have won the hearts of millions of designers worldwide.

This software allows collaborative design plus prototyping of intuitive web apps, pages, and more.

You may even add build design systems and animations plus build responsive web designs with responsive resize, content-aware layouts as well as set reusable states for different components using Adobe XD.

Adobe claims it to be a “Fast & Powerful UI/UX Design and Collaboration tool,” and by judging its features, it definitely stands up to the mantra.



The web is filled with numerous companies offering a world full of web design tools that will help you level up your web design efforts.

The five tools mentioned in this post are the ones we personally use and love and proudly recommend to amazing folks like you.

And if you are looking for a world-class website design agency in Boise, you’re looking at it.

Our customers love our designs. Not only do our professionally designed websites look good, but they feel amazing, allowing our clients to engage their audience and convert them into paying customers.

So, what are you waiting for?

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